Cory Joseph knows that staying true to his roots will take him to the top of his game. Born and raised in Ontario, the professional basketball player is one of few Canadians to return to play on home soil. As a point guard for the Toronto Raptors and a player on Canada's national team, Cory is motivated by his fans and driven to succeed by his family. Both his parents are basketball coaches—they met in Alberta while playing on university teams—and Cory grew up influenced by their skills. "Throughout my years they guided me along and made me a better person and a better man," he says. His biggest career milestone to date may arguably be winning the 2014 NBA Championship while playing for the San Antonio Spurs, but it's his recent return to Toronto that excites him even more. "Whenever the game is tough," he says. "You hear the fans cheering and that picks you right up, that gives you energy."

cory joseph

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